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What are your strengths and weaknesses?

Interview Strengths

Do not say the obvious - I'm a hard worker or I like working with people. 
Everyone does - be more imaginative.Before the interview list all the strengths,


then match them upto requirements in the person specification and job description.

Interview Weakness

Again think of weakness before the interview. Find one that isn't to terrible.
Find one that you can say you have now found a solution to or overcome. 
Eg I use to have poor organisation skills, I am constantly working to improve
e.g using diary to manage my daily activitites.

Whatever you say stress the solution to that problem - or say you are working on it. Or " I have not worked with this particular package, but I've experience of similar packages and I'm
sure I can pick it up in a few days".

Any way to go is to pick a weakness, that can be also be seen as a strength.
E.g I always try to give 100% to each task, I sometimes find it a little frustrating
if others are not doing the same.   I try to overcome this with a positive attitude,
that I hope will catch on - or just realise that people work in different ways."

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