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Clerical Assistant Interview Answers

Can you explain why you have been out of work for so long/ can you explain these gaps in your work history?


The employer thinks you may be the type of person who quits a
job if she doesn't something or someone in the organisation. Stress that
you do enjoy working and things are not going well you see it as
as an opportunity to overcome any difficulities.
You could say:

I wanted to return to college to develope my academic career.

I spent sometime do voluntary work for the community.

I took time out to re-assess my direction in life.


How do you react if a colleague criticises your work?

"It depends how valid I believe the criticism to be and how it is put to me. I will always listen to the point being made and try not to be too sensitive. I like to share ideas & suggestions with other people and sometimes what seems like adverse comment has taught me something useful."


What skills do you have that don’t form part of the job des, but would still be valuable here?

Sometimes something tangential skills that are most important. E.g a job may require better communication skills than is obvious from job description.

How do you make sure tasks are completed on time?
Look at time management skills. Bring in some practical examples e.g having to do lists, keeping a dairy. A list of priorities for the day and week. Emphasise that you always aim to finish jobs, rather than just doing them. Don’t go overboard with detailing every five minutes this can make you appear inflexible.

How does this job relate to the department and the company/organisations goal?

The interviewer is looking for an understanding of the nature of the job you are applying for and the role of the department and the overall goal of the company. How does your role help fulfil the goals of the department and company/organisation.

What would you do if you came to work one day with nothing scheduled, and you weren’t given guidance of what to do?

Are you the time of person who can find some productive to do if not scheduled, or are the type of person who makes sure to look busy so no extra work will be given to them or are you the type that has to be told what to do.

Your boss does not arrive for an important morning meeting. What do you do?

Are you a self starter – can you assess the situation and take action. Would you try to contact you boss (mobile, home), if not would you gather all available information and attend on your bosses behalf or discuss (without landing your boss in it) alternatives with the other attendees.