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Always Give Examples
Anyone can say they can do something, it's always a good idea to follow it up with examples. Have these example already memorised before the interview.


One for each question that might be asked. e.g yes I did that in my last job, every week we had team meetings and I took the minutes.

What are interviewers they looking for?
The interviewers generally area of concerns are:
Can this person do the job?
Will this person do the job?
Will this person fit it?

Can this person do the job?
This is about your previous experience, your skills, and your track record. The vast
majority of the interview will be spent on assessing your current experience and skills.
The interviewers are asking themselves can this person do the job, has she got the skills
and experience. Will there be any down time - will she be up and contributing immediately.

Will this person do the job?

This is about your approach, attitude and disposition to work. How motivated and committed are you. Will you go the extra mile for your employer - without moaning. (staying late, standing for someone at short notice, occasionally doing what's not in your job description.)

Will this person fit it in?

Is she like us - organisations are like individuals they have personalities and value systems. This can be seen in the area of how people are managed and how power is distributed. Is it an organisation with cliques and plenty of office politics.

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