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Q1. My CV is too long

Ans: If you find your CV is too long focus on what you have done recently - these are more important to an employer than what you did ten years ago. Emphasise the skills that are relevant to the post you are applying for. Only detail you most recent experience and sum up everything else.


Q2. I have more than one current job

Ans: It is much more common now to more than one current job. Some people are self employed while also doing a part time job, others have two part time jobs and other do contract work. Follow the advice from Q1. Also sum up the main areas of your career in the profile. Organise your different skills and experience in different headings.

Career history

1995 to present

Clerical Assistant
Torrigdon Primary School
• typing letters
• despatching reports
• arranging appointments
• reception cover
ICT Trainer
• Delivered ECDL courses
• Developed ICT resources


Q3 I am changing careers, making a career move

Ans: As we are all living longer changing careers is becoming more common. Here use the career objective profile to start off your CV. This identifies where you want to be heading. Then isolate the skills, experience and achievements that are relevant to your new career choice and make these stand out in your CV.

Q4. My significant experience has be voluntary

Ans: Most employers encourage the inclusion of unpaid work experience in your application. The experience and skill gained while doing voluntary work is a valuable and it shows a community support side to your character.

Q5. I'm over qualified for the job I want?

Ans: If you feel you are over qualified for the job you want focus on the practical experience and skills you have that are relevant for the job. Emphasise the key skills section and zero in on the skills that match the job you are applying for. Qualifications that are seen as advanced can be discreetly mentioned in education section. Focus on any, on the job training you have.

Q6. I am long term unemployed

Ans: If you are long term unemployed focus on any skills you gained through voluntary work. If the skills are not relevant, mentioned that you been doing voluntary anyway. – it makes you seem more active. Include any training courses you been or been sent on, if you’ve read a book on word-processing include this as a self study course.

If you have none of the above try to do voluntary relevant to the job you are applying for even if it’s just a few hours a week. You’ll be in a good position at that company when the next paying job arises (they you see you can do the job). If that doesn’t happen you have something to put on your CV. Also if not your IT literate take one of the many free IT courses to get yourself up to date. Even if not directly relevant, it’s an added skill.